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Perfume  Fragrance Oils:  15ml x Assorted Prices            AUST MADE SMALL LOGO

Our delightful-PARFUM-fragrance Oil true to their fragrances-   

Use as a perfume stays on longer, and stays fresh.  

> 1-Coconut-Lime -$17.00

>2-Chanel No 5  - $17.00

>3-Frangipani-   - $16.00

>4-Lilly of the Valley - $16.00

>5-Miss DIOR          - $20.00

>6-Musk      - $11.00

> 7-Poison  - $17.00

>8- Vanilla  - 16.00

>9-Violet -  $17.00

>10-Youth Dew - 16.00

Our most popular perfume is - MISS DIOR-

 Make your own Fragrances, use a carrier oil-make a Roll-on Parfum-

Pop in your potpourri-

Diffuser- You can add to your diffuser-for those of you that love sweet fragrances 

Dilute with Water and Spray on your bedroom curtains Or Linen…

Trish on 09-12-2019 05:59 PM
I just keep coming back and
buying the Miss Dior just lovoe it
and people actually stop me in street and shops and ask me what is that lovely perfume- I say House of Oils Dior
Jenny on 02-29-2020 08:48 AM
Love the Musk and the
Chanel no 5
Jackie on 08-05-2020 02:09 PM
I use the Perfume Oils and I find I only need a little and it does last longer and dosent smell stale.I also love the Face & Body Massage Oils I use it every day all over my face and body.Lemon Ironbark and the Rose Geranium & Ylang just love both. thanks
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