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Brand: House of Oils
Product Code: R-GP-500
Availability: In Stock

Price: $125.00

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   ROSE  GERANIUM & YLANG- GIFT PACK: 500ml x $125.00            

  Our Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang will be discontinued  

    -POST AUST $10.00 

  • In your Gift Pack    
  •  $75.00  - 500ml Exfoliating Sugar Polish  for your Face & Body
  •  $40.00 -  500ml Moisturising Massage Oil and Body Lotion
  • Face Serum - Complimentary gift from us.
  • 1-Spatula and Information Brochure

          * House of Oils products are now induction sealed airtight.

We love our products and love giving YOU amazing quick service!


100ml x $70.OO  

250ml x $90.00   

500ml x $125.00  

We  also sell Rock Ya Pain

Aja on 27-11-2021 07:02 PM
First came across your oils about 4 years ago and fell in love. My grandmother who raised me bought me my first bottle. She saddly passed away last year and this smell reminds me of her. X
Robin on 25-02-2022 02:12 PM
Just received my order of my Rose products, I love all these products.
and prompt service
thanks Anne-Maree
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