Gift Pack 500ml-Lemon Ironbark

Brand: House of Oils
Product Code: L-GP-500

Price: $115.00

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Gift Pack:   $75.00  - 500ml Exfoliating Sugar Polish for your  Face & Body

$40.00 -  500ml Moisturising Massage Oil and Body Lotion

$20.00 -30mls Face Silk Oil  -{ Complimentary gift from us} 

1-Spatula and Information Brochure  

#Value $135.   

Lemon Ironbark Essential Oil {Eucalyptus} Staigeriana

Our Customers just love these Gift Packs, they say  good value for our money

* House of Oils products are now induction sealed airtight.

We love our products and love giving YOU amazing quick service!

We have been making amazing natural skin care products in Australia for 15 years

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