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NUT FREE Eumundi Essential Oil Massage Oil GIFT PACK:

Special ends 30th September 2020

Eumundi Essential Oils:

Nut-Free Base Oil-  Essential Oils-Lemon Ironbark


1 x 100ml Face & Body Massage Oil Lemon Ironbark 

1 x  255ml  Face & Body Massage Oil Lemon Ironbark

1 x 15ml Face Silk Oil Complimentary   

Gift Pack #Value $35.00    Save $10.00    People are buying 4 packs are paying no postage  

 Moisturising Massage Oil Face & Body Lotion  NUT FREE

 Essential Oil of Lemon Ironbark “Eucalyptus Staigeriana”

 You will not be able to stop yourself breathing

In the citrusy tang of  “OUR SIGNATURE LEMON IRONBARK”

Moisturizing oil developed to -Reflect the Australian outback.
The natural and essential oils extracted from the leaves of the Lemon Ironbark Tree

Grown on the Sunshine Coast hinterland makes this perfect Face & body oil.

Gentle enough for your face but thorough enough for feet, hands, elbows

To nourish dry, aging skin, also flaky or oily skin. Teenagers suffering from acne will find

The Lemon Ironbark oil -Nourishing their stressed skin.


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