CARRIER OILS   ( Click on Pictures for full Discription)

CARRIER OILS ( Click on Pictures for full Discription)

100ml -Carrier Ois Apricot- Canola- Castor & 1ltr Castor- Ginkgo- Grapeseed- Hemp & 1ltr Hemp Jojoba- Macadamia- Sweet Almond

100ml Apricot Kernal Oil

Apricot Oil - Pure-Botanical name: Prunus Armeniaca -$10.00 Apricot Kernel Oil is rich and nouris.....

100ml Canola Oil

Canola Oil- Pure- Botanical name: Brassica Napus (Non GM)- $10.00 is very high in minerals, vitami.....

100ml Grapeseed Oil

100ml Bottle-$12.00 Grapeseed oil {Botanical name: Vitis vinifera} Also used as a base oil for man.....

100ml Hemp Virgin Oil Certified Organic

Hemp Virgin Oil Certified Organic-Botanical name: Cannabis sativa 3- Sizes Available: 100ml $15.0.....

100ml Jojoba Oil


100ml Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil-Botanical name:{ Macadamia integrifolia} Extraction method: Cold pressed Common uses.....

100ml Sweet Almond Oil

100ml- Sweet Almond- Botanical name: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Almond Sweet Oil is a very popular, al.....

250ml Castor Oil Organic

250ml Castor Oil ACO-CERTIFIED ORGANIC Castor Oil is available in two sizes 250ml $30.00 1ltr=$3.....

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