50ml Lemon Ironbark(Eucalyptus staigeriana) 100% Pure Essential Oil -

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50ml LEMON IRONBARK    Eucalyptus (staigerina) -$28.00

Pure Lemon Ironbark Essential Oil natural no            chemical additives

  • Bring the Australian Bush into your homes with this lovely sweet citrus tang of Lemon-Ironbark-Sweet fresh, fruity and lemony aroma.

Indigenous Australians have been using this oil-

  • Excellent for use in oil burners Use in Bedrooms-during cold and flu periods,
  • With mood enhancing also helps to restore natural cycle of sleeping.
  • Add a few drops to the water/spray bottle & use for household cleaning or Ironing.
  • Add a few drops in your wash to prevent your household from harmful bacteria.
  • Add a few drops to~ toilet air freshener, potpourri, and in your bath, footpath, sauna

Lemon Scented Ironbark a Tangy Citrus Fragrance {Eucalyptus Staigeriana} is a tree of the Eucalyptus Family, which also embraces Lemon Myrtle it is a native of Cape York North Queensland.

Comon Uses are said to be-anti-bactorial -anti-infectious- anti-septic-anti-viral-

The Australian Aboriginals have used the leaf to help with minor burns, abrasions, itchy skin, and scarring. They also use it as massage oil for relief from tired muscles, aches and pains. Has a high free radical scavenging ability. The essential oil of Lemon Ironbark Eucalyptus is extracted by steam distillation.

 Storage:    Away from direct sun light and store below 30 degrees Celsius

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