100ml-Exfoliating Face & Body Sugar Polish-Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang

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  • “Only takes a minute”

    Our natural wonder Face & Body POLISH that polishes YOUR skin,“Only takes a minute” IT'S FRESH & NECESSARY

    You will be able to feel your Skin being returned to such amazing

     softness and you skin will be refreshed

  •  Exfoliating for your Face & Body Sugar Polish-Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang-100ml-$35.00
  • Why should you EXFOLIATE! -polishes your skin and Moisturisers in one easy application!
  • Every Face & Body loves to be simply beautiful....Lavish yourself today
  • Moisturise and Exfoliate in one with the best natural exfoliating skin polish.
  • This two-essential oils blend of Rose Geranium & Ylang- has double power to soothe your skin. ~ is natural and Australian Made-
  • Gentle enough for your face but thorough enough for Feet-Hands-Elbows
  • Softening sugar crystals, sensual ylang ylang flowers, refreshing rose geranium is relaxing and gently to buff and hydrate your skin in the purest way possible.
  • Face & Body Sugar Polish to nourish dry and moisturising ageing skin, macadamia to replace the natural sebum of the skin also flaky or oily skin etc.
  • This gentle and popular sugar scrub and lingering scent of two oils gives a subtle scent for many hours after polishing your skin.
  • Teenagers love it for making healthy looking skin so easy to accomplish: one step, twice a week is just the kind of effort they like to invest.
  • Our polishes are used by everyone, from the aged and weary to young and healthy tradesmen who love what it does for their dry and work- worn hands.Oh, and our polish also help fake tans last longer.

  •  Also effective on ingrown hair and blocked pores.
  • Essential Oils: Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang.
  • Exfolient: Cane Sugar.
  • Base Oils: Canola, Macadamia, Grape seed, Sweet Almond.
    "We do not use any genetically modified (GM) products"

    All our base oils are grown naturally in Australia- just as nature intended
    *Our Base oils are 100% Australian we are proud to be Australian Made & Grown

    Includes:    Spatula - How to use information

    To Use: Always apply to dry skin- Scoop out a small amount using the spatula ( ensuring you don't stir the product)
    Massage in using gentle pressure on your face, take a bit more time over dry & rough arrears, rinse off in water/shower/bath.
    Maintain Product keep lid and lip clean of sugar residue

    *House of Oils products are now induction sealed airtight.

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