Massage Oil & Body Lotion -Lemon Ironbark-250ml

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Massage Oil & Body Lotion-Lemon Ironbark-250ml-$30.00

 Our Massage Oil because it is so light and is non greasy it’s perfect to Massage in all over your body,

Massage away the day’s tension, getting relief into those tired bodies, washes away easily letting your skin breathe

Perfect product for rejuvenating chapped tired and dry skin

Apply after your Shower or Bath while your pores open,  apply to your body and face you will be amazed how your skin feels moisturised but defiantly non-greasy

Face: Ideal to use before make-up only a drop will give you a dewy glow, apply after you have cleansed off your make-up off. By using as a Moisituriser it is amazing how your skin will feel so soft and silky, and not greasy.

Feet:  Cracked and dry feet- the essential oils will soak in to nourish your skin. Such Freshness

 Essential Oils:    Lemon Ironbark

Base Oils:  Canola, Macadamia, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond

 "We do not use any genetically modified (GM) products”

Our base oil is 100% Australian and grown naturally just as nature intended.

* House of Oils products are now induction sealed airtight.          

* We love our products and love giving YOU amazing service!


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