500ml- Exfoliating Face & Body Sugar Polish-Lemon Ironbark

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“Only takes a minute”“Only takes a minute” T'S FRESH & NECESSARY </span></p>

Our natural wonder Refreshing Face & Body POLISH that polishes YOUR skin, $75.00

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You will be able to feel your Skin being returned to such amazing

 softness and you skin will be refreshed

 Exfoliating for your Face & Body Sugar Polish Lemon Ironbark -500ml-$75.00 

Why should you EXFOLIATE! polish your skin and Moisturisers in one easy application

Our Signature   "LEMON IRONBARK” is natural and Australian Made.  

. Exfoliate for the Modern Man- real men exfoliate to -Best results to use twice weekly your skin will be refreshed and definitely moisturised

. A deliciously fresh, fruity -lemony aroma, the natural and essential oils extracted from the leaves of the Lemon Ironbark Tree.
Grown on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and the sugar crystals make this perfect exfoliator.
. Exfoliate away your dull flaky skin – to reveal a brighter complexion while protecting and moisturising your skin,

. Our POLISH is formulated to address a variety of skin care conditions such as Premature ageing, Wrinkling, Severe dryness, Oily skin and more.

As we get older Simply loss of vitality and radiance, the sugar Crystals are a gently exfoliator.We only believe in using nature's remedies.

Our polishes are used by everyone, from the aged and weary to young and healthy Tradesmen who love what it does for their dry and work- worn hands.

Teenagers love it for making healthy looking skin so easy to accomplish:

One step, twice a week is just the kind of effort they like to invest in. By EXFOLIATING the Face this helps with your circulation and is a Wonderful way to invigorate your skin.

Also while Removing the dead skin and opens pores allowing your skin to breathe while stimulating and cleans your skin.

Use before applying your fake tan, last longer~ also effective ingrown hair and blocked pores,
1.To Use, scoop out a small amount, (using the spatula supplied)

Ensuring you do not stir the product.
2. Massage over all of your (Face & Body) using a gentle pressure on your face.
3. Take a bit more time over dry, rough areas like elbows, knees & heels.
4. Rinse off under the shower or in the Bath (don’t use soap) and dry yourself.

Essential Oil: Lemon Ironbark
Exfolient: Cane Sugar
Base Oils: Canola, Macadamia, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond

"We do not use any genetically modified (GM) products"

Our Base Oils are Grown & Farmed in Queensland Australia

*Our Base oils are 100% Australian we are proud to be Australian Made & Grown

Includes- How to use information
- 1 Spatula

(Maintenance of the product makes sure you keep the lip   and the lid of the Jar clean of sugar residue)

House of Oils products are now induction sealed airtight.

* We love our products and love giving YOU amazing service!


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