Bread Board- Medium Ausssie Cheese Board-31cm x 29cm

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Bread Board-Aussie Medium $58.00

Unique Australian shaped board. Can be used as a cutting board or cheese board.

A fabulous gift for international friends. This product was selected as a ‘finalist’ in the Australian Memento Awards 2006 and gained sponsorship from Australian Made. Dimensions: 31cm x 29cm Sizes may vary

ABOUT: About Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum Camphora)  Makes a great gift to send overseas.

Camphor Laurel is a large evergreen tree that was introduced to Australia from South East Asia, in the early 1800’s.

As widespread clearing of land made way for farming, it was later realized that shade was needed for stock so Camphor Laurel was planted because of its prolific growth. It was also commonly planted in school yards for its wonderful shade property. A comprehensive wood property report on Camphor Laurel can be viewed at

The following is an extract of the study Mean number of organisms per board from testing Organism Type of board Camphor Laurel Cedar Plastic Glass Fungi 3.3 8.0 9.7 5.7 Bacteria 0.7 1.7 7.3 8.0 TOTAL 4.0 9.7 17.0 13.7 Product Categories • Australiana • BBQ Servers • Carving Boards • Cheese Boards • Cutting Boards • Platters

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