15ml Argan Organic Essential Oil

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<p>15ml Argan Oil Certiffied Organic -$15.00

<p>50ml Argan Oil Certified Organ -$25.00

<p>ARGAN  OIL Certified Moroccan Organic- provides intense conditioning benefits to dry and dehydrated skin and hair.<p>

<p>When applied to the skin, Argan Oil particularly helps restore, regenerate and restructure the skin by way

of increasing the nutrient content of skin cells.

<p>Argan Oil has sought-after antioxidant properties, which makes it especially beneficial in skincare products.<p>

<p>Argan Oil also has strengthening effects on nails and hair.<p>

<p>* Essential Oils should never be used directly on your skin always be used with Base Oil*<p>

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