250ml Exfoliating Face & Body Sugar Polish-Frankincense

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250ml Exfoliating Face & Body SUGAR POLISH- FRANKINCENSE -$65.00 Base Oil. Certified Organic Moroccan ARGAN Oil Regularly marketed as the 'KING OF ESSENTIAL OILS" frankincense has been sought after since ancient times, and for good reason. In addition to many other historical accounts, the famous Bible passage notes that frankincense was one of the three gifts brought by the Three Wise Men and given to baby Jesus.1 In modern times, aroma therapists and all-natural healers continue to take advantage of frankincense benefits. Frankincense is found to help with aches and discomfort naturally. Capable of rejuvenating the skin when applied topically, while working to regenerate cells and boost immunity when taken internally, or providing relaxation when used in aromatherapy, the range of health benefits that frankincense offers are nothing short of spectacular. Frankincense has traditionally been used to help relieve stress related conditions. It has also been known for its cicatrizing properties and is recommended for dry and mature skin types. Note: Base Strength of aroma: Medium Aromatic scent: Fresh and terpene-like scent with a subtle green-lemon note. Caution: Nontoxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy. Instructions: Always apply to DRY skin – 1: Scoop out a small amount (size of your nail) ensuring you don't stir the product. This is so the sugar remains solid 2. Massage over all your dry skin, using a gently pressure for your face 3. Take a bit more time over dry, rough areas like elbows, knees and heels. 4: Rinse off under the shower. Be simply beautiful

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