100ml-Massage Oil Face & Body Oil-Lemon Ironbark

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Massage Oil & Body Lotion Essential Oils of Lemon Ironbark Eucalyptus 100ml-

$25.00   250ml- $30.00   500ml  -$40.00

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Staigerians            

Our Customers call our Face & Body Massage Essential  Oil "LIQUID GOLD" due to it being so light and is non-greasy it’s perfect to Use as a Face as a moisturizer and on the rest of your body and Feet

Massage away the day’s tension, getting relief into those tired bodies, washes away easily letting your skin breathe.

 Your Skin-Dries out even though you are applying moisturizer Cream which manly sits on the top of your skin,

 Oils are pure plant oils extracted from nuts, seeds, and fruit are excellent choices for Oils

quickly absorb to feed and hydrate the skin and leaves an invisible barrier not to greasy.

USE.>Apply after your Shower or Bath while your pores open, our liquid gold oil

 will amaze you how your skin feels, moisturized but defiantly non-greasy.

FACE:>Use as your moisturizer

Apply a drop before make-up, will give you a dewy glow,

After you have cleansed try our oil as a Moisturiser it is amazing how your skin will feel so soft and silky, and not greasy.

FEET: Let’s not forget our feet, rub into your feet before bed, and no more Cracked and dry feet-

the essential oils will soak in to nourish your skin.

BASE OIL: Canola-Macadamia-Grapeseed-Sweet Almond

All-natural ingredients are grown naturally in Australia just as nature intended

* We love our products and love giving YOU amazing service! *

*We have a money-back guarantee on all our products

"We do not use any genetically modified (GM) products”

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*We have been making amazing natural skincare products in Australia for 20 years

Michelle P on 02-29-2020 08:46 AM
so happy to have found this great oil i use is daily on my face and body no more creams for me thanks
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