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Product Code: 50mlTendLovCream
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Price: $35.00

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50ml Tendion Lovin' Cream Roll On          $35.00    

" You Can take this Roll On everywhere" Pocket-Purse-Car -

No Mess-No fuss-Just Roll On and get Releif."

Made by local Manfacture from the finest Natural Ingredients.

Australian made locally-owned AUST MADE SMALL LOGO

ALSO YOU CAN COMBINE-Tendon Lovin Care                

 with the Cream or Roll On

The Super relaxer of the Rock Ya Pain Family- it’s great for those really tired

back and leg muscles and also for tendonitis in shoulders,

Hips, knees, ankles and hands. Penetrates deeply into your muscles & you will feel

Messaged in that area when you combine the two.

This is best applied to the area same as Rock Ya Pain instructions.

 Post Aust/Wide: $10.00

Janet davidson on 19-09-2022 11:16 PM
Was advised to try this cream by a friend and wow it’s amazing!
Using it on a painful ankle and it’s really helping. Thank you
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