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50ml- Rock Ya Pain  ROLL-ON- $30.00               

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Made from the finest Natural Ingredients. 

Active ingredients- Magnesium chloride, MSM 

GlucosamineSulfate, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil,

Clove Bud Oil, Lawang Oil, Peppermint Oil 

Apply every 4 to 5 hours as required.

*Caution: Do not put on cuts or broken skim., it will sting!

*Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women 

*Wash hands after use, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

 Store below 38 degrees

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*Keep out of reach of children.

All products shown are manufactured in Queensland Australia 

Sandy on 01-28-2020 04:50 PM
thanks for the quick delivery and its working well
Judith Cairns on 05-20-2020 07:05 PM
I love this convenient roll on for my neck, shoulders and back. it works so well and I just take it everywhere. Put it beside my bed as well. No mess with trying to rub it on with my hands. Best product ever with great ingredients.
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